Saturday, February 7, 2009

On a Bender

I did some more work on the Gray Hoverman today. Pictured below are the zig-zag elements, attached to the jig I built out of plywood. On the right are all of the colinear reflector rods (all but one - see below), as well as the cutting jig I built to cut the rods. I found that bending 1/4" aluminum rod using a homemade jig on a piece of plywood is not an exact science. The angles invariably have a curvature to them and as a result, it is difficult to adhere to exact measurements down to the mm. I don't know whether ultimately these slight variations will have much impact. My 3 and 6 year old boys are pushing me harder on this project than myself - they keep asking to go out in the garage to work on the 'Super-Antenna'.

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